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 TeamSpeak 3 guildlines

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PostSubject: Re: TeamSpeak 3 guildlines   Tue 14 Jul 2015, 10:04 am

Uilamvan here.

Please use makes explaination on boss fights and matching making less painful.

You don't have to talk just listen if you want wanted to.

Note: I hate typing wall of text esp when tanking lol.
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PostSubject: TeamSpeak 3 guildlines   Tue 14 Jul 2015, 8:25 am

1.) download TeamSpeak 3
2.) install
3.) run as administrator
4.) connection
5.) server address:
6.) server password: kissthefloor
7.) to adjust your mic / te st  your mic - setting > option > capture > voice activation detection > begin the te st
8.) to switch into different raid group - simply double click the room
please refer to boring/GgFiCaTioN/Lexio/Uilaman in game if anything no understand

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TeamSpeak 3 guildlines
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